3 thoughts on “Now Accepting Entries for 2022 Chess Festival

  1. Hello, the World Open organizers have put that they are requiring certificate or proof of vaccination to attend the tournament. I’m an unvaccinated player and do not plan on getting vaccinated just to play in a chess tournament even though it is my favorite to play in. I’m curious to know if the 2022 National Open is going to require the same ridiculous measures or will I have to not play in any of the big tournaments coming up in the summer.

    • Hi Jim,
      Thanks for the comment. Not going to get into the politics of the debate on this. We are going to follow the recommended guidelines according to the local and state governments (if we don’t, they can shut down our event and nobody wants that). If they call for vaccination as a requirement, we are going to follow that. Right now, they do not, so we are not planning on vaccination as a reuqirement. There is a very good chance masks will still be required. Hope this helps!

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