Chess and Wanderlust, the Twain Shall Meet

You may have heard of the Knights Tour problem in chess, but about 8 months ago in October 2023, Chicagoan Megan Chen completed a tour of her own.

Megan is no stranger to the Chicago chess community, here she is at the US Amateur Team North in February perhaps recovering from her chess tour. She was a guest on Ben Johnson’s Perpetual Chess Podcast a few years ago, and also featured in an article for US Chess. At the time of that writing, Megan had already played in 38 states.

What’s next for Megan Chen…playing a tournament in every country in the world? We are glad that the National Open was part of her 2024 journey, even kind enough to offer her annotations of her first three wins. Travel with Megan on her socials, Thank you for sharing Megan!

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