National Open

June 21-24 or June 22-24 or June 23-24     Now 7 Rounds! $100,000 Guaranteed Prize Fund 

National OpenPlayingHallSlider No tournament in U.S. history was handled with more regard for the comfort and convenience of the players than the first National Open. 50 years later we are proud to continue that tradition with the premier USCF National Championship. slotm2The NATIONAL OPEN is one of America’s longest running, premier Open tournaments. First established by Ed Edmondson in 1965, Fred Gruenberg brought the tournament back to Las Vegas in 1983. He and Alan Losoff organized the National Open for over 25 years and added to its well-deserved reputation as The Chess Vacation of the Year. US Chess Logo Over the years, with additional championships and events the National Open has grown to become the centerpiece of the Las Vegas International Chess Festival. Alan and Janelle Losoff have organized the tournament since Fred retired in 2009, but continues to support the tournament as a player and with the “Freddie” awards for promising players under the age of 15. fide The National Open is a 7 round Swiss System tournament, and you can choose between the standard 4-day or alternate 3-day or 2-day playing schedules. Half-point byes are available for all rounds, with proper notice to the Tournament Directors or with your advance entry. The Championship and Under 2300 Sections will be FIDE rated. Chess sets and boards are provided for tournament play only, not for skittles. Please bring chess clocks! Live broadcasts of select games from the National Open, and other events will be available here and on some of our sponsor web sites. The Commemorative DVD with hundreds of games, photos, the daily newsletter, and more will be mailed free to all participants a few weeks after the tournament ends.

Thank you to our many loyal players who keep coming back year after year, for the Chess Event of the Year!