Frequently Asked Questions

How are FIDE ratings Used?

FIDE ratings are converted to US Chess ratings according to the following Formula

USCF = FIDE + 50 if FIDE >= 2200
USCF  = 0.765 x FIDE + 560 if FIDE < 2200

For a US player US Chess ratings are usually used even if the player has a FIDE rating. For foreign players the highest of US Chess,  FIDE or other national ratings is used.  The Chief Tournament Director may use whichever rating he believes most accurately reflects the player’s true strength.

I need an invitation to your event in order to request a visa.

Visa requirements for entry into the United States depend on your country of residence. All players are required to make their own arrangements for procuring a visa. A review of the procedures for applying for a US visa may be found at

If you require an invitation, you must register for the tournament first and submit your invitation request with invoice number to or on our contact page.  Please place “Request for invitation for visa application” in the subject line and include all relevant details including legal name, date of birth, passport number, and mailing address. If the player will be accompanied by a coach or family member that person’s information should also be included.

You may register online at If your visa application is denied you may request a full refund. You may be asked to provide proof that the application was turned down.

As we receive and answer questions through our contact page we will add them to this list.