International Youth ChampionshipSaturday-Sunday June 8-9

Youth Championship
For players age 14 and under, the International Youth Championship highlights a weekend of chess fun.  Players compete for trophies, chess prizes and a computer loaded with software and chess videos.
Side events include
  • Simul for Kids
  • Youth Blitz Tournament
  • Trophy Tournament
  • Puzzle Competition
  • Grandmaster Chess Camp (for all ages)
  • and more
Hundreds of girls and boys from all over the world compete for trophies, prizes and the thrill of the game. Players are grouped by age and rating so everyone can be competitive. The tournaments are Swiss System events, which means that every player gets to play all rounds: no eliminations. The youth events are separated from the adult events but players, parents and coaches are welcome to participate or watch any of the chess festival events. Many of the kids participate in the open side events and lectures.
6 Round US Chess Rated Swiss System Tournament
  • Swiss Tournament format means no eliminations
  • US Chess Rated, new players will have a rating after this event
  • Team score in each section is the total of the 3 best scores by team members.
Time Control

Game/45 +10 second increment. This means each player starts with 45 minutes and after each move 10 seconds is added. Please bring an increment capable chess clock if you have one.

Sections & Eligibility
  • Age 14 & Under Premier:    Born after June 9, 2009 and rated under 1800
  • Age 14 & Under Reserve:    Born after June 9, 2009 and rated under 1000
  • Age  9  & Under Premier:    Born after June 9, 2014 and rated under 1800
  • Age  9  & Under Reserve:    Born after June 9, 2014 and rated under 800

Unrated players may play in Reserve Sections but are not eligible for 1st prize in Reserve Sections.

The June US Chess Rating Supplement will be used. Other ratings, including US Chess online ratings, may be used if higher. If you pre-register and your official rating changes  you will be moved up automatically or down on request. Players rated more than 100 points higher than the section limit during the last year may be moved to a higher section.

Every effort will be made to start players in the appropriate section, but if an error is discovered late in the tournament it will be corrected.  If there is any reason you may not be eligible for the section you entered, be sure to ask for a review before Round 1 is paired.

The decision of the chief tournament director regarding player or team eligibility, rating adjustments, unofficial ratings, or similar issues is final.

Entry Fees

$89 by April 30, $99 by May 28, $120 later.
There will be a $20 change fee for team or section changes after round 1 begins.
No players may be added to a team after 5 p.m. Saturday.


Sometimes a player has to skip a round.

1/2 Point Byes are available in any round (limit 2) if requested at least 2 hours in advance. A player with a bye receives 1/2 point for the unplayed game.

Round 5 or 6 byes must be requested before the start of round 3 and cannot be cancelled.


Membership in the U.S. Chess Federation is required of all players. You may join with your entry or on site. Players will not be allowed to complete the tournament without a valid membership.

  • It’s easy to register online before you arrive.
    • There is no need to check in if you register online.
  • On site registration is available all day Thursday and Friday
  • Late Registration Saturday 8:30-9:00 a.m.
    • Players registering later may not be paired for round 1.
  • 1/2 Point Byes are available in any round (limit 2).
Opening Ceremony
  • Saturday 9:45 a.m.
  • Special Guest Host TBA
  • Saturday
    • Round 1   10:00 a.m.
    • Round 2     1:00 p.m.
    • Round 3     3:30 p.m.
  • Sunday
    • Round 4   10:00 a.m.
    • Round 5     1:00 p.m.
    • Round 6     3:30 p.m.
Awards Ceremony
  • Sunday 6:30 p.m.
Other Youth  Events
Open Events that may also Interest the Kids
Prizes in Each Section
  • 1st Place:  Trophy plus a computer with Chess Videos and Software.
  • 2nd Place: Trophy plus chess prizes valued at $250.
  • 3rd Place:  Trophy plus chess prizes valued at $150.
  • 4th Place:  Trophy plus chess prizes valued at $100.
  • 5th – 10th: Trophy
  • Top player in each class: Trophy
    • 14 & Under Premier: 1300-1499, 1100-1299, & under 1100
    • 14 & Under Reserve: 700-899, 500-699, under 500, unrated
    •  9  & Under Premier: 1100-1299, 900-1099, under 900
    •  9  & Under Reserve: 500-699, 300-499, under 300, unrated
  • Top 5 Teams: Plaque
    • Team score is the total of the 3 best scores by team members.

Unrated players may not win 1st prize in Reserve Sections.

Other Prizes
  • Every player receives a participation award.
  • The highest scoring player in each 14 & under section, who will be too old to play in that section next year, wins free entry to the next National Open.
  • Free Raffle Prizes will be awarded at the start of some rounds.

Special Guest Host

Each year we invite a player who is or was famous as a child star to host the International Youth Championship.

Past hosts include Dean of Scholastic Chess Dewain Barber, Woman Grandmaster Tatev Abrahamyan, Woman Grandmaster Jennifer Shahade, Grandmaster Kayden Troff, Grandmaster Irina Krush, Grandmaster Daniel Naroditsky, Woman Grandmaster Annie Wang, Woman Grandmaster Sabina Foisor, Grandmaster Ruifeng Li, and Former World Champion Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov.

This is a great opportunity for young players to meet their chess heroes.