14 thoughts on “Now Taking Entries for 2024

    • Since you have never played in a tournament, you have no rating. Chess.com ratings do not apply to over-the-board chess.

      Entering the beginners section of the National Open is a good way to achieve your first over-the-board rating. In this context, beginner refers to a beginner at tournaments, not necessarily a beginner at chess.

  1. how is the scheduale of the women open section ? are all the round in one day? How much is the entry fee ?

  2. How does “Analysis of Your Games” work? Do we need to sign up? Is there a fee? Can anyone’s games be analyzed? thanks

    • There are many events available for adults and young adults. If you want more specific advice on which sections to enter use our contact page to send a private email with his name, tournament experience and rating if any.

  3. I live in Las Vegas (Henderson) and would love to just attend (not compete) the event, as well as to possibly purchase any available merchandise that might be for sale. Would there be any fee for me as a resident to attend?

    • Spectators are welcome at the National Open and most of the side events. There may be some limitations due to space constraints.

      There will be a chess store with a wide variety of books, equipment, and software.

      The youth events do not allow spectators.

      • Soy de MÉXICO y recién me estoy enterando de este importante evento….. Puedo participar?

        Aun puedo INSCRIBIRME?

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