Poker Tournament

Chess Festival Poker TournamentMonday June 29 11:00 a.m.

Enjoy the action of our No Limit Hold’em Tournament. This is a private tournament for participants and guests of our Chess Festival. Play for cash and a commemorative bracelet any poker player would be proud to wear. Knock out any member of our staff for a $25 bounty.


  • The Westgate Poker Room


  • No-Limit Tournament
  • $5,000 Starting Chips
  • $5 Dealer Bonus gets you $2,500 additional chips.
  • Blinds start at 100/100 and increase every 15 minutes.


    1100-100NO LIMIT
    2100-200NO LIMIT
    3200-400NO LIMIT
    4300-600NO LIMIT
    10 Minute BreakRace off 100s
    5500-1000NO LIMIT
    51000-2000NO LIMIT
    71500-3000NO LIMIT
    82000-4000NO LIMIT
    10 Minute BreakRace off 500s
    93000-6000NO LIMIT
    104000-8000NO LIMIT
    115000-10000NO LIMIT
    126000-12000NO LIMIT
    10 Minute Break
  • 20% of entries are withheld to pay the house.
  • Details Subject to Change.


  • at the Poker Room Late Registration and re-entries are available until the end of first break.

Entry Fee

  • $100 in cash or chips only.

Starting Chips

  • $5,000


  • Commemorative Bracelet and cash for the Winner.
    The number of additional places paid depends on the number of entries.
    $25 bounty on Festival staff members.
    Deals are not permitted.