1. Cell phones must be completely turned off and put away off your person. Vegas Chess Festival’s complete electronic device policies and other anti-cheating rules are posted on our website and the pairing boards.
  2. Players are responsible for setting their own clocks. TDs will assist if possible but cannot know how to set all varieties of clocks.
  3. Both players are responsible for reporting results.  Please mark results on the YELLOW pairing sheet and turn in a score sheet with the result clearly marked and signed by both players.
  4. If you are dropping out or need a bye, be sure to sign the sheet at the Registration Desk – nobody wants to sit at an empty board!
  5. Players who arrive at the board more than 30 minutes after the round has started will be forfeited and removed from the tournament. They may be reinstated on request.
  6. Players must use the score sheet provided or an approved electronic score keeping device (ESD). There is no approved ESD for the FIDE Sections. Bound score books must be clipped to prevent access to previous games.
  7. You must make your move before recording it on your score sheet or device, except when claiming a draw by three-fold repetition.
  8. Castling is a King move – if you touch the Rook first you must make a Rook move.
  9. No claim of insufficient losing chances will be allowed.
  10. Current FIDE Laws will be used in FIDE rated sections, including but not limited to
    • The arbiter may call the flag and must correct all observed rules violations (such as illegal moves and touch move) even if the opponent does not make a claim.
    • It is not necessary to have a complete score sheet to win on time.
    • The penalty for repeated illegal moves is loss of game.
    • A delay or analog clock may not be substituted for increment.
    • Electronic Scorekeeping Devices are not allowed unless provided by the organizer.
    • FIDE requires a stricter adherence to procedure in several areas such as score keeping, draw claims and piece promotion.
  11. The latest edition of the United States Chess Federation’s Official Rules of Chess (as amended in January) will be used, except as noted above.