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Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Player safety and confidence is important to us. We will rigorously follow state and local regulations as well as Westgate Resort’s policies. Where there is no explicit regulation we will follow CDC and health department guidelines.

  • Players, staff, and spectators will be required to wear masks that cover nose and mouth.
    • This will be enforced in all contracted areas, including playing halls, camps, book store and skittles room.
    • Masks may be removed only when actively drinking. No food is allowed at the board.
    • The Governor’s Directive 28 states that no exceptions are allowed for K-12 schools.
      Many of the players in the National Open and all of the players in the Youth events are school age so we will follow this directive.
  • Tournament staff will be fully vaccinated.
    • We strongly recommend all eligible participants be fully vaccinated but it is not required.
    • The Westgate is taking measures to encourage their staff to be fully vaccinated.
  • There will be only 1 game per table
    • Tables will be generously spaced to allow social distancing.
  • High touch areas are sanitized daily.
  • Playing halls are well ventilated with 18 to 24 foot ceilings.
  • Spectators will be limited and required to follow social distancing guidelines.
    • Clark county has reduced the social distancing requirement to 3 feet but we will observe 6 foot distancing wherever possible.
  • Anyone showing Covid-19 symptoms should not enter or remain in the playing site.
  • No-touch procedures will be used wherever possible
    • Pairings will be posted widely spaced to allow social distancing.
    • Pairings and Standings will also be delivered electronically.
    • Daily Bulletins will not be distributed this year.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be plentiful.

This page will be updated to reflect any changes in regulations or policy.


17 thoughts on “Covid-19 Safety Protocols

  1. With the new guidance from the CDC and state of Nevada, are fully vaccinated players required to wear a mask?

    • We intend to continue the requirement that all participants wear masks for a number of reasons.

      • We advertised that masks are required and players agreed to that by registering.
      • Some players based their decision to attend on that promise.
      • Over a quarter of the players are too young to be vaccinated.
      • Some adults have not or cannot be vaccinated.
      • A significant number of players are travelling from countries that are behind in vaccinations.
      • Our youth tournament is a K-12 extra-curricular activity and is still subject to mask requirements.

      Casinos in Nevada seem to be OK with the honor system: if you are not wearing a mask you are, in effect, claiming to be vaccinated. We are not comfortable with this approach where vulnerable kids are involved. We do not have the resources, nor do we think it’s appropriate, to ask players to prove that they have been vaccinated.

      We will also follow other advertised safety precautions, including one game per table, sanitizing sets and boards, numerous hand sanitizer stations, and social distancing. Social distancing will be somewhat, but not completely, relaxed.

      We are no longer required to limit attendance but with one game per table we are using less than a third of the capacity of each playing hall.

      • Thank you for taking the safety precautions. It makes me feel much more safe and comfortable attending the tournament.

    • We expect all players to use the boards and pieces provided. Exceptions can be made for players with impairments that require special accomodations.

  2. Okay, so I don’t have to bring my chess set and board. No problem.
    What about clocks? Do I need to bring my clock?

    I have one of those DGT North American digital clocks, which I find very difficult to figure out. With that in mind, will there be someone to help me set it up, or should I just count on using my opponents clock? At 81 years of age, the technology is getting the better of me. -grin-

    • We do not provide clocks.

      The DGT North American is ideal for this tournament. We will be happy to show you how to set it. Once set you will not need to reset it between rounds.

      • So no food, how about coffee? Or soda? Hopefully you’re not suggesting all we are allowed to drink is water as if that would somehow be consistent with COVID protocols. That would be illogical and we chess players are supposed to be smarter than that. Old guys like me need caffeine to stay awake for six hours straight!

      • We will have a great book and equipment store provided by Rochester Chess Center, Chess4Less and Wood Expressions. You can buy just about any clock there.

  3. I know food isn’t allowed in the playing hall. But what about small snacks? During the games I like to eat nuts or chocolate to keep my brain going. Is that okay?

    • We won’t be allowing food at the board. You can always step out of the playing hall for a minute or two to wolf down some nuts or chocolate.

      • Re #1 and #4 of electronic devices policy: is a turned-off cell phone ok in a bag on Sunday after hotel checkout? Or does #4 only apply to ‘other’ electronic devices, and a cell phone in a bag is considered possession per #1? Thanks for organizing and fielding our questions.

      • A cell phone in a bag is acceptable provided it is turned off, and the bag is under the table or on the table in plain sight of your opponent. We will be providing bags for the latter option.

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