I, want to Rock and Chess all Night…

…And Party Every day

Friday morning started off with the annual Grandmaster Camps, open to all who are eager to learn from highly trained instructors, or wanting to get some advice before competing in the National Open or the International Youth Championship. Thank you to our wonderful instructors for making this possible: Melik GM Melik Khachiyan, Mike Zaloznyy, Dylan Quercia, JJ Lang, GM Fidel Corrales, GM Var Akobian, and GM Ben Finegold

Third Time’s the Charm!

Our first Champion has been crowned, congrats to Zijun Zhou, US Women’s Open Champion. This has been Zijun’s third time playing in this event and takes clear first with a perfect 5-0 record! Our track(s) of the day will feature an upset win vs WCM Yesun Lee, en route to her perfect score. Thank you for all who competed and helped make this a record turnout!

I just want your Master Time, and your…

Regardless of how strong you are, playing a single game is taxing enough, let alone over 20 at the same time. We are thankful for IM Eric Rosen and GM Ben Finegold for putting on quite a display. After the simul, both mentioned how exhausted they were and how much concentration it took to play. Pictured here is Jaden Marx, where the fearless Rosen managed to convert a lost rook endgame into a position where he managed to force Jaden to convert a K+Q vs K+R but ended up turning into a draw. Definitely not the easiest position to turn into a victory, especially when a clock is on the game, a valiant effort by Jaden. Eric ended up going 15-3-3 and Ben went 22-2-1, very impressive!

Track(s) of the Day, Lee-Zhou

Track(s) of the Day, Finegold-Miettinen

Track(s) of the Day, Rosen-Fan

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