Advance Entriessummary

Players who entered in 2020 and carried over to 2021 will be entered manually and this will take a while.
Each player will receive an email when the process is completed.

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 438  Aiden Van Dyk  CA  16673256  04/21    YOUTH-14U-U1000[FC001] TROPHY-NOVICE   
 1389  Lawrence Norwood Van Ryn III  AZ  12672351  05/21    NATLOPEN-U1500[4day]  * 
 1636  Melvin Vaughn  CA  12539906  01/22    NATLOPEN-U1700[4day] BOARDSET   
 2416 IM  Alexandre Vuilleumier  SUI  12908957  11/05  1305662  NATLOPEN-OPEN[5day]   
* indicates player transferred from 2020.  ** indicates 2021 participation confirmed.