13 thoughts on “Now Accepting entries for 2023

  1. Hi. We saw a lot of events like the International Youth Championship and the Women’s Open. Where are these tournaments held, and in what year are they going to be held, so that we can submit our information for the advance entries? Please let me know. Thank you.

  2. Just confirming that the Walter Brown Blitz Tournament is on Sunday, right? I remember that it is usually on Sunday but in the info about the blitz, it is listed to be on Saturday, the 17th…although in your schedule of events, it is on Sunday.

  3. Is the $40 early bird returning player discount for any National Open returning players or just for previous year’s players?

      • Great, thank you. Very encouraging to play.

        I got the email today and am looking at the room rates. Your hotel page says resort fee is substantially discounted to $15. The linked booking page says $15, but when you click the information “I” it says $17.01 resort fee. What’s the extra $2.01?

        Can guests opt out of the resort fee if they don’t want internet, gym, shuttle services?

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