Day 4: Pawnchained Melody and Battle of the Streamers

You tell your manager you are Out Of Office, but if they know chess, can’t you just say you are Castling Queenside, (O-O-O)?

Welcome to Vegas! It all comes together with the Saturday evening merge, all sections chained under the same controls for the main event. The accelerated schedules offer flexibility to people wanting to be a part of the National Open experience, and the Las Vegas International Chess Festival. While many of us have been Castling Queenside for some time now, this is where it all comes together. A few events have concluded, some have started, and others have been ongoing.

WGM Sabina-Francesca Foisor and Director Judit Sztaray

Day 1 of the International Youth Championships takes place, with former US Women’s Champion WGM Sabina-Francesca Foisor holding a simul without a single loss, drawing one and winning 27. Nearly 350 players and 21 teams competed in the International Youth. This tournament is open to all 14 and under.

Team Finegold defeats Team Rosen in Battle of the Streamers

After the merge and final round matches ended on Saturday, the Las Vegas International Chess Festival put on a Battle of the Streamers that was broadcast live for people at home to tune into. GM Ben Finegold and IM Eric Rosen recruited a team comprising of four players going head to head against each other. The time controls were 3+2, with double rounds. A surprising twist came when Karen Boyd sat down to play…for Team Rosen. Oh No! Ben’s Queen!

Despite the rating difference of several hundred points, Karen did not get swept and escaped with an upset draw in Game 2 of her second match. Despite the unexpected result from Karen (.5-1.5), this was the only fortune bestowed upon Team Rosen, as Team Finegold pulled out ahead with his later boards. Victory was clinched after the result of the Board 3 double round. This led to Boards 4 squaring off and entertaining the crowd with a double of their own sort, with GM Finegold riding high as the first ever Battle of the Streamers Champion. Thank you to all who competed, GM Finegold, and IM Rosen!!

Track(s) of the Day, Mikaelyan – Akopian

Tune in for Sundays recap, thank you for your time. Thank you, Thank you very much.

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