Over-the-Board Chess Returns June 16-20

Nevada is relaxing (but not eliminating) restrictions, and we are confident that we can return to over the board chess with the Chess Event of the Year.

We have delayed accepting entries until we were (nearly) certain that we could proceed. Players who have carried their entries over from previous events will be added to the entry list manually so please be patient as we are doing this one at a time.

7 thoughts on “Over-the-Board Chess Returns June 16-20

    • The Chess Festival is scheduled and hotels are booked years in advance. So the real question is “are you going to cancel again?” and the answer is no. We will do everything possible to keep our players safe, and we anticipate that enough players will be vaccinated by June to make the tournament viable. We will be posting our safety precautions in our FAQ soon.

      We understand that some players will be unable or unwilling to attend an event in June. We hope to see them next year, or at other events which we may run in fall. Other players are chomping at the bit for opportunities to play and are willing to abide by our safety precautions.

  1. Is the tournament restricted to those who enter to compete, or are there also opportunities to volunteer? I’m assuming spectating is not an option. Thanks!

    • Refunds are available until the first round is paired. A $20 service charge is withheld to cover processing fees.

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