Registration Now Open for 2019 Events

This year the Open Section of the National Open will be a 9-round Swiss with FIDE norms possible and discounts for titled players. All under sections remain at 7-rounds, a popular change we made last year.

Extra discounts are also available for returning players who enter before the end of January. We call this the Early Bird Loyalty Discount.  In addition, All players will be automatically entered into a drawing with great prizes and more chances to win the earlier you enter.

We are also repeating the free hotel room lottery with the same rules as last year.

28 thoughts on “Registration Now Open for 2019 Events

  1. Is there information about the Thursday Action Quads side event? I can’t seem to find anything about the schedule or format? Thanks

  2. Hi , Alan ,
    Happy New Year , I have a question for you , so the early bird returning player discount only for registration open session or can be used on Youth events as well ? Thank you

    • Hello Pam,

      The Early Bird Discount only applies to the National Open, which has a higher entry fee. Players who previously played in the Youth event but are moving up to the National Open are also eligible.

      We will be announcing a drawing for a special prize for players who enter the International Youth Championship and the National Open. The earlier you enter the more chances you have to win.

    • Our events are open to players all over the world.

      Your son may participate in the International Youth Championship, the National Open and a number of side events. We convert FIDE or Russian Federation ratings to the equivalent US Chess rating for eligibility and pairing purposes. A 1250 FIDE rating converts to 1516.

  3. The rating is base on the registration date or on game date? My son 810 and 8 years old, which section should he sign up for? What about his number changed in the next few months?

  4. Hello,Alan! We are from Moldova. My son has only FIDE ID. He hasn’t USCF rating. Does he need to become a USCF member? How to do it?

    • Your son would need to join the US Chess Federation but he could do that on site. He can register for the tournament with only his FIDE ID.

  5. Hi,
    I have entered the Open Section, 5-day schedule. The time control says 40/90, SD/30, 30 second increment. Is the increment for all moves, including first time control moves? Or is it only for sudden death moves?

  6. Are there seperate prizes for National Open depending on how many days you play? What if you are playing 4 days vs. 2 days? How are awards determined? Thank you. Amber

    • All schedules are merged by round 5 and everyone is playing for the same prizes. Only the Beginners Section has separate prizes for each day played.

      • For the two day Open sections, what is the time delay? It looks like rounds 1-4 are 30 minutes– does that change for rounds 5-7? Thank you

      • All players are playing together and at the same time control starting round 5, so yes, for the players in the 2-day schedule it changes to 40/90, SD/30 increment 30.

  7. Dear Alan,
    My cousin is from Mongolia and she just interested in June Chess Event in Las Vegas. Do you think, its too late to register now?
    And also, she is 17 years old and her rate is 1991. which section should she sign up for?
    Please advise me!

    Thank you.

    • It’s never too late. You can register on line or on site right up until the tournament starts. I cant advise you on whether she could get a Visa or make travel and hotel arrangements (the cutoff for reserving a hotel room at our group rate is May 23) in time.

      We would convert a 1991 FIDE rating to 2024 so she would be eligible for the Under 2100 section, but might want to play in the under 2300 section. If you have questions about a specific player, use our contact page.

  8. Do you need to notate in the National Open Sections? How about the Youth sections? Can children use ChessRNotater for notation? Thank you.

    • All players are required to notate in US Chess rated events. The younger players who may not know how are encouraged to make their best effort. ChessNoteR is an approved device and may be used. There will be a representative from ChessNoteR at the tournament.

  9. I notice there is no G/10 Championship once again this year. Has this event been discontinued? If so, why? I remember it used to happen yearly now suddenly doesn’t happen at all? What happened?

    • Hello William,

      The US Game/10 Championship is a National Championship placed for bids by US Chess. This year it will be held in Charlotte NC where the organizers are offering a much better prize fund.

      We are always trying to improve the festival by adding and modifying events. As we added rounds to the National Open there was no place left in the schedule for both a Blitz and a Game/10, so we are not even bidding it any more. By only having one of the 2 fast chess events we were able to increase the guaranteed prize fund of the Walter Browne Memorial Blitz.

  10. I am also wondering the same thing as Mr. Lee. I enjoyed playing in that event in years past, but why does it not take place any more?

  11. I was just wondering if the first 2 rounds in 3 day schedule in the U2100 Section are FIDE Rated.

    • The rounds played at faster time controls in the 3-day and 2-day schedules cannot be FIDE rated. They are reported as byes in the report submitted to FIDE.

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