Advance Entriessummary

Players who entered in 2020 and carried over to 2021 will be entered manually and this will take a while.
Each player will receive an email when the process is completed.

National-Open   Women's   Chess-Camp   GM-Simul   WB-Blitz   Fri-Blitz   Sat-Blitz   Quads   Beginner-Quads  
Youth-Trophy   Youth-Championship   Youth-Blitz   Kids'-Simul   Puzzle   Alpha  
14 & Under   14-Under U1000   9 & Under   9-Under U800   Teams  
 1  1191  Isaac Cumes  CA    17098245  07/21     
 2    Paxton Ullerich  CA    30099206  01/22     
 3    Levi Kalani Alexander Fogo Esquivel  MEX    30159592  04/22     
 4    Alexander Gulyaev  CA    30131681  02/22