Advance Entriessummary

This page reflects entries to the cancelled June 2020 events. Entries for 2021 will be accepted in September, after the rescheduled 2020 National Open.

Entries to the rescheduled 2020 National Open are posted here. If you were registered for the National Open in June your entry has been transferred to the new dates. We will set up a form and send emails with instruction for changing your entry or transferring it to next year. Please be patient.

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OPEN   Under 2300   Under 2100   Under 1900   Under 1700   Under 1500   Under 1300   Beginners  
 1    Daniel Arden Woodbury  NV  17302391  02/21  Fr-Sa     
 2    Anay Saxena  AZ  17308521  02/22  Fr-Sa-Su     
 3    Gabriel Enrique Pulgar Grau  TX  17299794  02/21  Fr-Sa-Su