Advance Entriessummary

This page reflects entries to the cancelled June 2020 events. Entries for 2021 will be accepted in September, after the rescheduled 2020 National Open.

Entries to the rescheduled 2020 National Open are posted here. If you were registered for the National Open in June your entry has been transferred to the new dates. We will set up a form and send emails with instruction for changing your entry or transferring it to next year. Please be patient.

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 1800  Severo Caluza  CAN  12454639  09/20  2612593  NATLOPEN-U1900[3day,Senior] 
 585/23  Aiden Chen  NV  16667116  04/21    YOUTH-9U-U800 
 1472  Lafayette Chen  OK  16910808  12/20    NATLOPEN-U1500[3day] 
 251/24  Quinn Chen  NV  16667122  04/21    YOUTH-9U-U800 
 1961  Sebastien Chua  MAS      5727421  NATLOPEN-OPEN[5day,u2200] 
 1316  Fred Conley II  AK  12436519  06/20  30964865  NATLOPEN-U1500[4day,Senior] 
 1937  Matthew Miller Coy  AZ  14688435  07/20  30964334  NATLOPEN-U2300[4day] BOARDSET 
 1827  Mike Cronin  Il  12172140  02/21  2039168  NATLOPEN-U1900[4day]