Day 2: Botez has Left the Building, Champions Crowned

Andrea Botez wins her first round match and the crowd in the meet and greet.

2021 US Women’s Open Champion Badamkhand Norovsambuu

Trophy recipient on tie-break

Step Aside King, the Queen has Arrived

For over three quarters of my life, I have been heavily involved in a game where the Queen is the most powerful piece on the board; so you will need to try much harder to emasculate me.  Am I afraid to face Andrea Botez and Badamkhand Norovsambuu over the chessboard…there is a slight apprehension, yes. 

The US Women’s Open concluded on Thursday with a three way tie for 1st Place. WCM Sandhya Goli, Badamkhand Norovsambuu, and Carissa Angela Zheng all finished with 4.5 out of 5 with Badamkhand earning the trophy on tiebreaks. All three and several others from the US Women’s Open are also signed up to compete in the National Open.


Thousands have seen these sisters on their streaming channel, but not many have had a chance to see them in person or even say hello to them. Alexandra is back home streaming, but Andrea Botez is here competing in the U2100, taking time out of her busy schedule with a Meet and Greet in the late afternoon.

After some early jitters, Andrea really came into her own, handling various questions with sincerity, poise, and with answers as graceful as her moves on the chessboard. A side of her personality came through that was different than what you see behind a computer screen. This experience proved why Andrea is such an inspiration to so many, and why kids look up to her, especially younger women. Thank you Andrea!

After the Q&A, Andrea spent time signing boards and other items for those that stayed until the end. Pictured here is Aiden Chen, a graduate of a chess camp held by Coach Jay Stallings that took place earlier in the day.

Rosen Simul

International Master Oh No My Queen…I mean Eric Rosen held a 30 person simul of various abilities, ranging from Class A players and a few beginners. Playing one game for a single hour is challenging enough, much less against 30 individuals with the last game concluding four and a half hours later! Rosen scored an impressive 28-1-1. The sole draw was earned by Charles Davis, and the sole win was garnered by Robert Lubin, which reminds me…

Track(s) of the Day, Rosen-Lubin

Track(s) of the Day, Anderson – Newhall

While top games can be seen live on the Follow Chess website, this one will be coming to you from two individuals seeking their first win after four grueling rounds in the US Women’s Open. While one proved victorious, both Deja Anderson and Lindsey Newhall were so proud of their well fought game and so happy to be at this event, they wanted to submit it. To that I say,

Chess me tender, chess me sweet
Never let chess go
You have made my article complete
And I chess you so

There was also mention of self annotation/analysis, but this can be added in afterwards as needed and will produce the game now.

Tune in for Saturdays recap, thank you for your time. Thank you, Thank you very much.

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